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i use a collar 24/7 for vixie with her tag and a bell on it.
she wears a harness when we got out. a harness is safer for clipping into the car, and MUCH safer on their throats, chihuahuas have extreemly sensetive trecheas and even a well leashtraind chi can danage its throat with one good tug.
vixie was a nut when i tried to harness her the fist time, heres what i did.
vixie LOVES being outside. the harness is for trips, so i would put the harness on her by the front door and imediatly take her outside...she was so busy sniffing the grass and chasing bugs she didnt notice the harness till we got back inside when i imediatly took it off...
she soon learnt that harness means going outside and will now actually bring me her harness when she wants go go out to play/visit people ect.
she now understnads that she only needs her harness if were going beyond the garden gate, and doesnt need it to play in our fenced garden, but shell still fetch me her harness when shes in the mood to go to the park ofr to petco...
by associating the harness with somehting they enjoy doing the harness then becomes the key to reward and reward is the key to a happy chi.

hope this helps

the collar was a matter of put it on leave it on and lots of distraction/rewards. every so often she still scratches it and she destroyed alot of nylon collars...however i spent some extra ash and got her a leather puppy collar...lots of wiggling and leather oil later it was nice and soft...this seems to cause less itching and fits her better than any of the nylon collars...and leather lasts forever and just gets softer with age might be something to keep in mind.
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