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Harnesses for Nat

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Here are the Harness Outfits I made for Paris, Vienna, & Cosmo - Just for you Nat!!
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Oh wow those are super adorable she is gonna love them :D
:love7: :love7: :love7: :love7: :love7: i can't wait till they are here :D

i think they are wonderful !!

kisses nat
They are stunning! Please take lots of pics... can't wait! :)
Those halters are too cute! I'm so jealous...Mia's mom makes the best outfits! :D
Those are just beautiful!! I can't wait to see photos with your babies in them Nat!! :D
those are great! but how do you get the jewels to stay on?
Any pics yet? I am dying to see what they look like in these harnesses.

nope not yet :D maybe tomorrow....i had a message from taxipost that i had a package and tomorrow they are coming again.......but i order a lot , so it could be 2 different things :wink:

kisses nat
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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