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I get three months of the frontline plus for $30 at my vets...Gizmo uses Frontline since he was 9 weeks with no problems...nobody in my family or friends uses anything else so I can't really help on that...anyways...with frontline I half the dose because he is still so if you get 3 months for 40, it's really 6 months because I don't think giving the full dosage when their that little is 6 months for $40 is not bad at all...

Also my vet gives me discounts for buying years see if yours does...or like I said shop around...

I get my heartworm pills for a year for just 40 dollars and if I buy the frontline plus and heartworm (Heartgard) together for a year she gives it to me for $100...which saves me alot...but I get the discount because I have two dogs that go to the more dogs you have the bigger the discount etc.

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