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Hartz vs. Frontline/Heartgard vs. Revolution

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Hello everyone,

So I took my 8 week old Chi, Bella, to the vet yesterday to get her first set of vaccinations. We also took her because I noticed tapeworms in her stool on Tuesday night. I know tapeworms are caused from the dog usually eating an infested flea, and we have only seen ONE flea on her and that was at my girlfriends apartment where there was another dog. Well to make a long story short, after the visit the vet recommended I start her on Frontline Plus and Heartguard when she hit 9 weeks old. I was all for it, but then I saw the price for Frontline is $40 every 3 months?!?? I guess it was a shock because I have been using Hartz on my JRT Mix for the 9 months I've had him and have never seen a single flea on him or in my house. So my question is, would you use Hartz on your Chi? I mean the money thing isn't a problem, I'm just used to paying $8 for the Hartz so it was a shock. And the Hartz has seemed to work fine.

I was also talking to the vet about Revolution, since it treats fleas, ticks and heartworms but she recommended that I do the frontline plus and heartgard together. What do you use? Opinions, suggestions? Thanks!

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I started using Revolution on both of my dogs last year ...and we had an absolutely flea free summer last year ...the first time ever !
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