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wild things

Well, Molly isn't wild but I had a Yorkie Ava (she was killed in the spring by a neighbours dog). She was about 4lbs of wild woman! Two weeks after coming home from the breeder she jumped off my dd bed (which is high) and broke her "wrist". She had NO fear of any height. If she got outside she would run as fast and as far as she could. My boy Yorkies were almost a year old before attempting stairs. She did them almost from day one. Although she did fall down them once so was a bit nervous after that! I was thinking of buying a bubble to put her in. Her wild nature was what ulitmately killed her. My dd was letting our Lab inside and Ava darted out between legs and ran to the neighbours back yard. Their husky grabbed her and she died. :cry: She was only 9 months old.She was so full of personality, we sure do miss her around here! After she died I didn't want another pup but then i heard about Molly....
and the rest is history!
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