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As i have told you our vet is the best vet ever.But when Maggie see's the door to the vets office,SHE GOES INTO A SEIZURE".Now this vet is the kind thats is loving,totes them like babies,gives them kisses,loving talk.The seizures have gotten so bad that if its something minor our vet will come out to the parking lot and check Maggie out there but if its something that she HAS to go in the office for,She has to come out to the truck ,sedate her ,do what she has to do and bring her right back out,before she comes out of it.Oh and Maggie LOVES OUR VET,she just doesnt love going in that office.She does take phenabarbitol twice a day.All of our other ones likes it and are fine with going in.:(
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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