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Hi all
just wanted to vent some stuff here - it sometimes helps me
as some of you know millie had problems and was almost put down but the bute is working so hopefully she will get through the summer at least
but now I have another friend who has a 12 year old horse that she has had since 2 year old but has torn suspensory ligament in 3 places - she has tried to rehome her as a brood mare but to no avail so now has made the decision to let her go - I have offered to help with this but I know it will bring back painful memories as I lost my 12 year old mare who I dearly wanted to keep as a brood mare and had had from a 3 year old that I broke but the vet said no
Im writing this in tears but hopefully tomorrow I will be strong - I must help my friend in her time of need:(:(
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