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Healing from surgery

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To my Surprise and to the dismay of Bijoux there have been some small complications with her recovery because she.will.not.stop.licking.

She is now in a cone and daily pain killers in an effort to stop her licking but she is still managing to lick herself both incision but especially her vulva when she has her cone on. There was a small amout of discharge but she should be just fine if we can just get her to leave it alone!
oh..hai chi peeps
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I iz sick : (
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Mama won wet me pway : (
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But I showdiddid her!
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I had a baby grow for Lily with the poppers on,cut the legs off and put it on with the poppers to her back,no way could she get to anything
Jazz did the same thing, to the point that she infected the incision, requiring an emergency trip to my Vet. It was the weekend, and she was kind enough to meet me at her clinic so I wouldn't have to go to an e-vet. Even the smallest cone was too big for her, and the one the techs tried to retro-fit just wouldn't stay on. It didn't help that Jazz was determined to get that sucker off lol! :D

Vet finally gave me some stuff to rub AROUND, not ON, the incision site. It was a bright orange paste, dried to a chalky white. It tasted HORRIBLE! I mean just gawd-awful! I know, because I tasted a tiny bit just to see. Uuugggghhhh!!! Jazz thought so to. She went after her incision right after I'd applied it (once I let it dry) and one lick was enough! Poor thing was working her mouth, drinking, pawing at her snout, trying to do ANYTHING to get that awful taste to go away. It worked though. That one lick convinced her to leave it alone. It healed beautifully after that. If you can't keep your dog away from the incision, perhaps you could ask your vet about that paste?
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Marmalade was the same way, kept licking and licking. I put a baby onsie on her and it worked like a charm because the entire incision was covered. I didn't even have the cut a hole for her tail! (Marmalade was born without a tail)
Hmmmm I'm thinking of some bitter apple around her wound may help
Poor Bijoux looking miserable with the cone. :-( I wish her a faster recovery and hopefully she leaves her alone.
Awwwww! Baby Bijoux! You'll feel better in no time!

Poor baby. Looks so sad! :( I always hate the recovery period and the waiting, because sometimes you don't actually know HOW they are feeling! Waaah! Good luck!

Bijoux succeeded in pulling a stitch no idea how or where she did it. It's just one tho I'm wondering. Does this warrant a vet trip? It isn't oozing actually looks very clean, but that being said I don't want an infection.

I would keep an eye on it. Most vets wont put another in if it is just one. Boy, you do have a fiesty girl, don't you?
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