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This is the poem I was going to PM to Cooper (aka Sheryl) but I thought a lot of you might appreciate it, especially after recent events in London. After 9/11 I was haunted by thoughts of what it must have been like for the victims during their final terrible minutes. Someone sent me this poem a couple months later and I immediately felt a giant weight lift off me. I don't know the author or even the title. I refer to it as The Healing Poem.

My body is a picture in your mind but don't allow it to deceive you
What your eyes don't tell you is about the peace that cradled me
And how my soul became free to fly
It was my body you saw
But I was not inside

The falling debris may have appeared to overcome us
But our souls rose above it and pushed you out of the way
We started out running beside you
But chose to stay behind

The moments before were like any other
With worries of love
Of bills to pay
And of the work that needed to be done
From the inside we were being protected by Angels that showered us with exemption
What you saw and what we felt
Were not the same

We couldn't see the Angels right away but we felt them around us
We knew we were being asked to join them
That is when those of us that had the opportunity to do so
Called you with the assurance of our love
And then the quiet came as you witnessed what seemed to be destruction
And our souls left our bodies

Do not attempt to imagine our devastation because you can't
There was none
We knew something was wrong but we had Angels guiding us
We were not afraid

Together we rose
One by one
By the hundreds
And then by the thousands
If you could have seen the inside and the light that embraced us
You would recognize the outside as a ploy to discourage and dishearten
But don't allow it to
Don't let destruction befall your Spirits
And never look back in sadness

As you dig with your tired arms and mourn with your heavy hearts
Know that we are with you showing you the way
What you may find will shock you
But remember
It was only the covering we wore and nothing else
Do not try to imagine what we felt
For we did not feel
We were already on our way to a new journey

Do your jobs
Work hard and work together
Do not allow our passing to be in vain
We succumbed to make you stronger
Do not spend your days wondering, blaming or hating
But rather learning, teaching and loving
Do not allow time to erase the unity you are now experiencing

Trust your leader
Understand his position and respect his choices
His job is intense and he deserves your support

The time you invest from this point forward and how you invest it
Is what your future will become
Do not be foolish and allow anger to defeat you

For then
The enemy will be the victor

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Thanks Rachael ... I'm going to forward that to my friend's husband. Hopefully, he'll find a little peace in reading it.
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