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Health question

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I have a health question. My chi is 13 going on 14 and just recently I noticed small traces of blood coming out of her vagina do you have any idea what this could be? I'm taking her to the vet first thing in the morning She eats well and runs around plays like normal. She was fixed years ago so I know she's not in heat.
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I am moving this to chi questions and articles - I do not have any help to offer you Im afraid but someone will be along soon :D
ooops for some reason it wont let me move it to the relevant section :oops:
Well It could be a couple of things, is she spayed? if not could be:

1. False heat cycle

2.Vaginal infection

Good thing she is going to vet, he probably will do a vaginal swab then look under the microscope and determine what is doing on. Keep us posted :D
Thanks for your replys, I hardly see any blood at all, I hope it's nothing serious. She seems to be in really good health, she eats well and plays like a puppy.
Well it sounds like she feels good. I will keep positive thoughts that it is nothing wrong. Let us know what the vet says :wave:
I'll get back with you guys tomorrow night :wave:

The vet seems to think she has a bladder infection, he gave her a shot and some pills to take.
hey why is your chi not in the photo-contest for chi's older than 5 :D :D
we are running short of older chi's :wink:

kisses nat

ps i hope everything works out
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