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heartgard question

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can i only get heartgard from my vet?
or can i get it from any vet? i know i
can get them online but only from those
pet meds sites that requires there
any way i can get them like on ebay or
something? whats the deal?
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that needs a script.........I cant fing it without either maybe Drs Smith and Foster but dont quote me on that....I would think you would have to be a patient at a vets office to get it. :)
You need a script at Drs Foster and Smith too.
You can download and print a form from their site, then have your vet fill it out and fax it to Drs F & S.

I have heard of being able to find it on ebay and such sites. But I have also been told numerous times that they are imported imposters that do not have the same ingredience. If you do find some online without having to have a prescription then I would be very Weary about it!
I wouldn't buy anything for my pets that they would ingest from anyone I didn't know, regardless of what it is... food, medication, treats... I don't trust people enough to let them give my dog or cat any kind of food product.

You can get an RX from your vet and buy Heartgard from or other sites but, usually, your vet will have comparable prices AND I usually get a rebate if I buy Cooper's Heartgard for the entire year.

Please don't buy anything for your pet that he or she will ingest from someone you don't know... you never know what they have done to the food/medication before it gets to your house.
I totally agree - I would never buy anything Jazzy will ingest from someone I don't know. You have no idea what is really in there, and it is certainly not worth risking the health of your baby to save a few dollars.

Most vets have prices comparable to what you buy online anyway, once you add on the shipping and handling charges.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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