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my 2 went through the phase of not eating out of their dishes but just out of hands I tried a little saucer and that worked as he didnt like the lip on the bowl
Zeus was this way until he was about 4 months old.

As far as potty training goes, crate training really worked well for Zeus. Zeus is like clock work. He eats and 5-10 minutes later he has to go potty.
Now, when we aren't home (he's 9months old) he goes in the kitchen and when I come home he's sleeping in his crate since we keep the crate door open now.

Sweety - Is her urine dark or do you notice any blood in it? I noticed you said she was doing well then one morning you had 6 accidents. Was it urine? Definately keep an eye on it. One common symptom of UTI's is urinating frequently in different areas. Of course, she's a puppy and you're in the middle of house-breaking so that makes it much harder.
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