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Hellllo from Oklahoma!

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Hi! I am Lindsay from Oklahoma and got my baby boy Jager last Thursday! and OH BOY is he a handful! any tips on potty training and crate training? any tips in general are appreciated!
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hi and welcome :wave: :wave: i just got my new doggie too maybe we can help each other lol.except im new at this. :shock: i hope you have a good time here and happy posting. :wink: :wink: :toothy7:
Hi and welcome their are lots of great tips here just do a search of the forum :wave:
Hello and welcome :lol: You will find a lot of good information on this forum. Post some pics soon.
Welcome!! Looking forward to seeing pictures Jager!
Hello & welcome :wave: Congrats on your new baby :D
Hi I am from OK too. How little is your puppy? Mine is 10 oz. 6 weeks.
Welcome from another Okie, LOL. Read all the stickies especially and be patient. They do train. My boy will be 7 months this coming Monday and I can't imagine life without him.
Welcome!! :wave:
Welcome to all the Okies. I am sure you will find tons of info on this forum. :D :D
Hi! :wave: I have a long haired Chi, Deano. I love him too bits!!!
Howdy! :wave: from Tiff and Lex :D

Hey I am, too from OK. My little puppy is Miles and is 7 weeks old. Had him a week. I teach and keep him in a crate. Try to come home on my plan or lunch and let him out, but right now he is so little and always has accidents in the cage, but I know in time he will not. Be patient.
:D :wave: WELCOME!! :wave: :D

Oh boy!! look at that pooch! to cute!
i love the name so much
Love n hugs
S xXx
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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