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Hi everyone... Just arrived and thought I would help out Amy. I myself am not yet a proud owner, but I believe I only have 2-3 weeks left before I give up my freedom to a lovely little chi - her name, we've already decided, will be Bella... my husband is Italian.
Anyway Amy... I've had nothing but chi on the brain for the past 2 months. Like yourself, I've thought about it for a year or so, and now I'm ready. If you have a computer at home or at work that's your best tool. Search and search and search until you can't search no more. Look at the listings in your local paper, call a local rescue shelter, post a free add in the paper, there's all kinds of ways. I found my local breeder (AKC) in the newspaper. Seattle isn't big on the Chis, probably coz of the weather, so it took some research to find her. Be prepared to drive a few hours if you have to. Make sure you know everything about the breed before you bring it home. I went to my local library and borrowed whatever books I could on Chis and puppy training. It's an inexpensive alternative. My husband is sick of all the research, and frankly so am I. But I'll tell you what, I'm ready for Bella, today, tomorrow or 3 weeks from now. I hope that helps alittle. I wish you luck. The sooner you start looking the better. Remember that first litter you see might not have the puppy you want. It may take a few times, so be prepared.
Okay... I want the chi off the brain and in my livingroom!
Good luck... I'll keep you posted! :D
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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