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I'm from Singapore and i just found out about this site while searching about information about chihuahua's diet. I have 3 chihuahuas. 2 female long coat and 1 male short coat. The 2 females are bought when they are 2 mths old and the male one is adopted when its 6 years old.

They are:

1) Miyo - F, black/white, 5yrs old
2) Toki - F, Sable/white, 3.5yrs old
3) Porsche - M, Tri color, 9yrs old

Miyo is the boss of them all. She is greedy n a bit overweight now, so i tried to bring her for jogs n walks whenever i am not on duty coz i work long hours. Loves to bark in low tone whenever someone is at the door, but stops after i told her no.

Toki is the clown. She's everyones' dog, always up to mischief. She loves playing with miyo, so she dosen't really play with toys. She is not barky, will only bark when she is playing with the others.

Porsche is a little aggressive when i first got him. Dosen't allow people to touch him when he's on his bed or take his belonging when he's near them. He no longer does tat now coz i dosen't give in to him. He's most jealous of Toki coz he will whine and bark whenever we play with toki, but dosen't do that when we play with Miyo. He's most afraid of Miyo coz when he is quarrelling with Toki and Miyo walks over, he will stop immediately and sit down quietly. He had never dare or tried to quarrel or snatch things from Miyo.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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