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I found this forum very resourceful as a lurker and though i'd join
and say hello.

I adopted my first ever fur son, Ojito "Boobee"
we live in Austin TX

Ojito photos Nov & Dec

Picked him up Nov 7 to foster as he recovered from surgery due to a traumatic injury to his eye. We bonded very quickly and about a month into learning each others 'personality quirks" I officially adopted him Dec 8. His lack of an eye doesnt phase him, we go shopping together, the park, trails, he runs and plays without hitting his head much.

We've had to do some physical confidence building as I think his prior caretakers crated him too much and didnt play with him because he was pretty weak. He loves to fetch and now play tug of war and gut the stuffed toy :) He has some issues walking occasionally due to past trauma (i'm thinking a dog attacked him) but I work around it by picking him up and taking him to a quiet area where he can get more visibility. He no longer reacts when i move abruptly (as if to hit him) he now trusts that i wouldnt be physically aggressive with him. PEOPLE THAT HIT DOGS SHOULD BE JAILED OR WORSE. Aside from this he is fully trained(!!!) and well mannered at all times.

We flew to New york city for the holidays and he was a perfect companion. He's registered as a ESA due to my occasional social and flight anxiety. I'm hoping to take him to puerto rico soon so he can experience the beach.

He is smart, incredibly sweet, happy and the cutest thing the world. I feel so blessed to have him in my life.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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