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Hello all!

How did I not know about this site until now?!

What a brilliant place to come and get advise and share Chihuahua stories and pictures :p

I am the owner of a beautiful 8 month old Chorkie (Chihuahua x Yorkshire terrier- although I cannot see much Yorkshire terrier!) named Joey. He really is the apple of my eye and I love him to bits but I am in depserate need of some advice for recall.

He is a lovely dog that wants to go to everyone for attention and cuddles, he has never once been aggresive with dogs, cats or children but the problam I am having is the way he sees another dog and goes absolutely crazy playing and forgets I exist- it is causing problems with recall on walks!

He has not yet been castrated but I am now wondering if doing so would calm him down a bit when he sees other dogs? I don't know anyone else with a Chihuahua type so have no one to ask advice from!

I have just purchased a long training lead and a whistle and as soon as they arrive I shall get on with some serious recall training but in the meantime can anyone advise if this problem would be calmed by castration?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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