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Hi there! Hope we're all well.
Thought I would join these forums after getting my 2nd chihuahua on Friday.
I have 2 year old Cody and 9 week old Mario.
With Cody I didn't have a clue, it took forever to housetrain him and although he's great he's a bit cheeky at times and won't listen to me.
With mario i want to get everything right so thought I'd come on here for support really and help in bringing up a well trained little boy.

I've got him a crate so I'm looking into house training him that way. I'm not expecting miracles over night but were not having much luck, he goes outside a lot...I let him out in morning, after food/water or after he's had a nap but I've only ever seen him do one wee and one poo outside. He poo's in his crate over night. I caught him mid wee so picked him up n took him out but he just nibbled my toes n didn't bother going for a wee.
Anyone got any good advice?
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