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Hello everyone im karen i live in the uk and the proud mummy of 2 gorgeous chi puppies!

The first addition to my family is my little boy Mario he came home with us at 8 wks old he is a 3/4 chi and 1/4 jack russell hes a lovely fawn colour with a black mask and he has just gone 17wks! hes such a cheeky guy and is full of kisses and cuddles and absolutely loves being told what a good boy he is! :p

When we brought Mario home we was really suprised how well he settled in! he picked up training really well! sitting, shaking a paw etc and hes not doing to bad with his potty training either, to be honest the only thing that was a problem was socialising him as every dog we know or saw whilst out on walks was absolutely massive compared to my little chap he would get really scared because of the size difference i think!as a few weeks went on i started to worry about him having no socialisiation with dogs as i feel its important for them to do that especially whilst there young as i didnt want any problems down the line! so taking all that into consideration and how much we loved mario we decided to get another chi ;)

the second addition is my gorgeous little girl Maisy-Mae (pedigree name italian amore)she is a chocolate merle and has got some lovely markings she really is so pretty and wants to kiss you all the time to the point she will cry until she can give you a kiss on the lips (how cute) she came to live with us at 8wks and has just gone 13 wks old! It has really helped Mario having Maisy and vice versa he has really come out of his shell and they really love each other so much there always together! i have included some pictures

im glad ive come across this forum as i have totally fell in love with chi's now and its great to hear different points of view and have a place where you can get advice aswell so i will look forward to chatting and getting to know all your babies too

spk soon every one x:love2:
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