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Hello Eveyone

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I've had my 1st chi, Dexter, for 6 years now & my 2nd, Halle, for less than a year. With Halle & Dexter's help, six little chi's were added 2-1/2 weeks ago. Right now they're sleeping happily in a box on my bed because Halle refused to allow them to be anywhere else & I didn't have the heart to lock her in another room; when they're able to get out of the box I don't know what I'm going to do but I know I'd better think of something quick because that day's coming soon!

I just wanted to say "hi" to everyone & also say that I LOVE this site — it's just the place for a "crazy" chihuahua lady like me!


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Oh my goodness! They are so cute! I have a 3 yr old female, 5 mo old long haired male and a 3 mo old long haired female. I'm thinking about letting the puppies breed when they are old enough but I really don't think I'm up for it. Especially if they had 6 puppies! :shock: Good luck with those little ones. :)

Oh and welcome! I live in the upstate of SC. :wave:
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