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Hello from Alberta!

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Hello Everybody. I would just like to say hi. My Girlfriend and I are from Alberta, Canada and we are the proud owners of an 11 month old male long haired chihuahua named Pablo(or Pabz, Pabby, PabzOr, Pablito, Taquito, Tito taquito, chupa chalupa and many other alias and nicknames :p)and an 8 week old female shih tzu X maltese/poodle. We just got her today and we are undecided on a name. So far Hazel and Autumn are our favorites. She is brown with white fur on her toes and some random black markings. I will get some pictures up here as soon as I have the security clearance. :p
We have been feeding our chi boy on raw food since he was 3 months old and we plan to do the same for our new baby girl.

That is all for now. Thanks and I look forward to learning from everyone! :cool:
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Thanks for the welcomes! :)
Hey, I'm just rejoining to CP and I'm excited to see another Alberta owner right away! :) Welcome to the boards.
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