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Hello from Arkansas

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First, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this site. I love the pictures and reading about everyones babies. I have had chihuahuas all my life and would not have any other kind of dog. At this moment I have 2 chis, a 3 yr. old chocolate and white male named Buster that I got at a puppy mill when he was 5 weeks old and a 4 yr. old tri color female named Little Debbie that I got from a rescue 2 yrs. ago. Before them I had a female chihuahua that I had for 13 years ( I still cry when I think about her or look at any of her pictures). I am married and have 2 sons that are 18 and 22 that love our babies as much as I do. Buster is our clown who loves everybody and expects everyone to love and pay attention to him no matter what. Little Debbie will not have anything to do with anyone except for me but that's alright because she will spent the rest of her years here with me ( mostly in my lap). I just got a new camera and as soon as I can get it figured out I will post some pictures of my babies.
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hi and welcome cant wait too see pics of your babies :wave:
Hello and Welcome :hello2:

Glad you found us!
Your Buster sounds like my Sandy. She sits in the front window and gets all excited when she see's the UPS truck even if he's not delivering anything to us. If he goes to another house and gets in his truck and leaves she will lay down and whine. LOL

I have 2 female long coats, Sandy and Koke.
Your little ones sure sound like sweethearts. I can't wait to see pictures! Welcome to the forum! :wave:
Hello and welcome!
I really cannot wait to see pictures of your babies!
Hello and welcome! :wave: I am Kari and I also have a Buster! He's the white chi in my siggy. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of your babies. :wink:
WELCOME glad to have you with us! :wave:
Hello & Welcome Can't wait to see pics of your family :lol:
welcome! I was born in Arkansas! Love it. Now I live in Okla, would not live anywhere else! :D

Hello from Arkansas 😀 I have a 9 week old Black and Tan male named Pablo!
Welcome to this wonderful place from Peanut & Prissy
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