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I just adopted a chihuahua three weeks ago, so I was excited to find this forum.

I have loved chihuahuas for years, ever since my older sister had one. My parents never wanted pets, but after my sister moved out of the house at 19, she got a female brown and white short-hair. A few months later, she moved back in, and my mother told her, "The dog can stay for two weeks, to give you time to find someone else to give her to." Of course, the whole family fell in love with her and she stayed.

I have always been a dog person and my husband has always been a cat person. For a few years he has been talking about getting a cat, and I would say, "Well if you're getting a cat, then I'm getting a dog." A few months ago we moved into a bigger house and decided the time was right. So three weeks ago he adopted a cat, and I adopted Ren, a male, tan, short-hair chihuahua. I named him after the character from "Ren & Stimpy" because he is the same color. (I'm still working on getting him to say "You eeediot!" in a Peter Lorre voice.)

So this is the first chihuahua that I have had myself. I admit, a few hours after bringing him home, I had a bit of a freakout, thinking, "What have I done?" and feeling a bit panicky at the thought of being responsible for him. (We don't have kids so I've never really had to be responsible for another living thing before.) But things are going pretty well, and although there have been some trying times, I would never want to give him up. He is pretty good about going on his Wee-Wee pad, and has already learned "sit," "down," and to look at me when I say his name.

On two occasions I have taken him to PetSmart with me - once for grooming, and for our first session of obedience class. And it made me so happy that as we went through the store, people (customers and employees) kept coming up to us to gush about how cute he is. :) I just love him to pieces and am excited about our life together.
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