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Hello from Chicago

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Hi my name is Jenny and i got a chihuahua about 2 months ago. His name is Riley, he's 4 1/2 months and 2 pounds. I just went to a trainer and found out i was training him all wrong, so im back at sqaure one. Is anyone else havinga a hard time training their puppy? Also how would i insert a picture of my puppy? Look forward to talking to everyone.
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HI and Welcome! :wave: I'm frm Chicago too! Nice to meet you! Hope that you like it here! :D
Hello & welcome I think you will like it here. To post a pic click on the add an attachment at the bottom of the post .
Welcome to our forum. Make yourself at home. :) :wave:
Welcome to the forum! :)

Tucker is almsot 14 months old, and except for potty-training him, I never taught him anything else. He is a good little dog, though, I must say. :p

welcome :wave: :wave:
did you read any books about the matter?

kisses nat
Hello Jenny! :) WELCOME!! :wave:
Ive been reading books about training but finally decided to go to a trainer. My main problem is potty training. Im training him inside on puppy pads so that may be making it harder. Once it gets warmer outside maybe ill try to train him to go out.
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