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We're new! I'm so excited to find this forum, we've looked for a good chihuahua forum for a long time.

Lola is estimated to be around 10 yrs old, and was found wandering the hospital parking lot. The owners never came forward to claim her. We've had her for four years. She's 3 pounds of pure sugar! She's very calm and loving. She hasn't barked in 3 years, and only barked 4 times during the first year we had her, lol. She will squeal like a mouse, though, if I've been gone a long time and she's excited to see me :) She is almost completely blind, has very few teeth, and has lots of special needs. I work from a home office, and she lives by my side. I never meant to have a pet, and was only supposed to take care of her temporarily. But I fell so in love and have adapted my life to accomodate her. She's my baby :)
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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