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Hello from NC!

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Hello, my name is Jodi and I'm the proud mama of a Chi. His name is Tito (aka Tito Burrito) and he's almost 2 years old. He's 5.2 lbs soaking wet. We've had him since he was 7 weeks old. He is super sweet, loves to cuddle and is lazy as all get out. He does get the *zooms* every day but more often then not, he's sleeping.... on my lap!

I'm 32 years old and have been married for almost 14 years. My husband is an animal lover just like I am so we have a full feathered and furry family. As for dogs besides Tito, we have a German Shepherd, Manto and a YorkiePoo, Snooper. We also have an exotic bird, (a Harlequin Macaw) Toby. Oh and a little hedgehog, Louie.

There are a bunch of pics of Tito on my website:

I look forward to getting to know other chi slaves!

Here are a couple of pics of my boy:

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Hi there and welcome! :wave: This is a wonderful site, the people are so nice and you can find out so much great info here. Your pics are lovely..cant wait to see more of you! I am Camilla and I live in Beijijng, I am english though. I am owned by Poppy, my 19 week old girl.. :D
WELCOME :wave:

I am "slaved" by Kemo 22 mos and Bindi 15 weeks

Glad to have you here with us :D
Hello and Welcome :hello2:

Glad you found us.
Great Pictures!
Hello & Welcome Your Tito is a beautiful boy. I was in Asheville NC for vacation in Oct and it was wonderful :wave:
Hi, Nice to meet you. All your pictures of Tito are really cute! He looks great in all his clothes. He's quite the little model :D
Hello and welcome!

Happy to see other people from NC. :D

We have two female chihuahuas and their names are Stella and Luna.
Hi so nice to meet you i am Clare mommy to ozzy and Lily - boo both 15 months :wave:
Thanks for the warm welcome ya'll!
:wave: Hi and welcome. Tito is adorable.
I checked out your web site, and Parrot message board, too. Very nice. :)

Do you happen to have a parrot? Our Toby is just like a toddler!
hi there Jodi,

Welcome to the board... There are a lot of nice people here... :D :toothy10:
Hello and welcome! :wave: Tito is quite a handsome guy! :wink:

My grandma has an African Grey Parrot and he is JUST like a kid. He's so funny. He repeats everything but in the same voices he hears them. He sounds just like my grandma when he says 'ah ah', that's what she tells him when he's being naughty. He can sound like running water, the phone and playing kids too. He's really fun. He's pretty young too, I think he's only 15.
Welcome :sunny:
Your baby is so adorable!!
Welcome! He sure is a cutie! He reminds me of my Lina a little bit!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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