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Hello from new york

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Hello from New York!! I am a new chihuahua owner and would like to say hi! Also ask everyone about little boy names. I have a white with blue spotted little boy and can't decide on a name. My top three favorites are Butch, Tico, and Nino. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know!! Dayna :wave:
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Hi and welcome! I am fairly new too and have found a world of good information and advice here. I like the name Butch for your little boy.
Welcome to the forum! :) Go look at the Chihuahua Names forum and you'll find lots to choose from. I wouldn't name your little boy Nino because you'll be telling him 'No' a lot and you don't want him to get confused between the command and his name. (Although I personally think Nino is a very cute name) :p !
Hello & welcome Would love to see pics of your baby :wave:
posting pic?

well I have tried a few times to post a pic but can't I'll keep trying! Butch is my favorite I think I may go with it! :p
:oops: i would name him moo.... it's the spots that did it for me :D
trying to post a pic again

I can't get the pic to come out! Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong??
chimom2104 said:
YAY!!! I got it!!! :D
I know that feeling only too well. :lol: :lol:

He sorta looks like a Butch to me. :)
Hi chimom! I'm new also so I can't exactly "welcome" you, but I can say HI!! :wave:
Love your lil guy, he's adorable!! :love4:

OMG he's adorable!! Can't wait to see more pics!!! Welcome! :wave:
When I can I'm moving to New York, so YAY that you are there ;]

good luck with your puppy. I think that Tyson is an adorable name.. but just my opinion.
Hello :wave:

He's a real cuttie...can't wait for more pic!!! I think Butch is a great chi name! :lol:

Thanks everyone!! I'm not picking him up until easter weekend but I will get more pics asap! My fiance wants me to name him lil bit but it's so hard I think I will wait till I get him home to make the final decision.
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