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Please crosspost far and wide

DNA alert

I have been contacted by numerous people about a woman called Kenya or Lora or Dottie Banks. It seems she has been requesting animals on web boards all over the internet - including rodents, reptiles and many different breeds of dogs. From the volume of requests, she seems to be a dealer who may be selling to pet stores. She requests animals from shelters with low pull fees then begs for transport help to get the animals to Pennsylvania or Maryland. When she is asked for references, she generally vanishes. She has provided bogus references to at least one rescue.

Here are a list of known aliases:
Lora Banks
Laura Banks
Kenya Banks
Kenya Allen
Mike Allen
Kiki Banks
Patricia (Pat) Surham
Dottie Banks

AND NOW Jennifer DeStefano aka JSteffie22 on
she has the same cell phone number as Kenya Banks

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From: Joanie Stambaugh <[email protected]>
Date: Wed Mar 9, 2005 8:08 am
Subject: NC---BIG DNA

I have had the mispleasure of dealing with a nut on one of my lists who was looking for a small dog to adopt for FREE or VERY CHEAP. She became beligerent when members tried to explain to her the reason for the adoption fees. She went off on me with vulgar language and thinks that she is supposed to get some kind of special treatment because she is a VET TECH. I can not find the info directly for her membership to the group but this is her signature and she uses it on everything. Her name is included so PLEASE beware of her. One of the red flags is that she is a PIT RESCUER, or claims to be. How can we be sure that she is not looking for BAIT DOGS??

SeDonna Cristina
Plus Size Model, Certified Pet Care Tech.,Diploma in Vet Technology, Vet Asst./Receptionist, wildlife rehabber,& owner of Southern Pit Bull Rescue.

I could find nothing about this rescue she claims to have on Petfinder either. Too many red flags, adopt to her at the risk of your rescued dogs.

Joanie Stambaugh

Thanks DNA's must know each other

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Here is an updated list
> If you have worked with or recognize any of the names listed
below, please send all of the information you have regarding the
animals involved and what transpired to [email protected] .
> The information is being compiled as part of an investigation
of their activities. You will not be blamed for anything. They have
been acquiring animals of many species and breeds for the last
several years. They do not always claim to be a rescue. These are
not their only "identities" but are ones we can prove.
> Please let us know if you have pulled, transported, or
surrendered any animal for or to them, or if you know of anyone else
who has done so, or have any information about animals they have
acquired or tried to acquire.
> Please let us know if you believe you have run across any
other identities used by them. They operate in the area in and
around Blair County, PA, and try to get dogs transported to that area
for them. They try to acquire dogs and other animals from PA and
most of the surrounding states, but have even tried to pull from as
far away as Georgia. They surf the shelter sites for out of time
dogs and other message boards for owner surrenders. They have
various stories about who they are and who the dogs are for.
> These are the links to 2 dogs she rescued then turned around
and sold. We have no idea what happened to them or where they are.
> Names/aliases used:
> Jennifer Destefano
> Lora Banks (mother)
> Laura Banks (mother)
> Kenya Banks
> Kenya Allen
> Mike Allen
> Kiki Banks
> Birdy
> Patricia (Pat) Surham
> Dottie Banks
> Donald Banks (father)
> Other names that have come up are Kylee Banks (Kenya's twin
sister) and Tricia Destefano (a friend of Kenya's) and Jade Estrada
or Jade Estrada-Tenburg.
> Screen names/Email Addresses used:
> jsteffie22 @
> emmieabbysmom (screenname - danes online board)
> petzhome87 @
> birdywhirl @
> Swizzbeatzrrx @ -possibly the Mike Allen persona
> kbsfrattery @
> BorderCollie Paws @
> unjustifiedwings @ (uses on acme pet transport and
the bird rescue sites and some dog related emails)
> deafaussiepaws @ (used for the recent deaf aussie
transport (Astro)
> Another (older) petfinder screenname: pupZz
> Also screenname & MSN nickname: ratgirrl87
> Screenname: rottiegirl87
> SARshep87 in March on the GSD web board
> jazzynbud - GSD web board.
> littlelove567 @ and maybe @ also
> glkkbanks48 @ aolcom
> PatSur87 @ (There may also have been a [email protected]
either aol or
> rottenrottiekids @ (an alternate contact on one
Rottie transport)
>jellybelly22 in March on the Chihuahua-people web board
>BiGLuFFsStaIN in March on web board
>birdywhirl in March on web board
>JSteffie22 on web board
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Business Names:
> Feathers for Us (bird rescue) just a listing:
> kbsfrattery-AT-y... (Rat breeding and sales) Link:
> Animals acquired (include but not limited to):
> Dogs (many breeds), cats, rats and chinchilla, birds,
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