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Hello from Reno, NV!

I'm Brian and my wife's name is Kat. We're proud owners of two chihuahuas!


Age: 3 years, 8 months
Weight: ~ 5.5 lbs.
Color: White on Tan w/White Tips
Head: Deer
Personality: Perhaps the sweetest dog/person you'll ever meet. Cuddles, licks and love. Playful, at times to a (tiring) fault. Obedient, mostly. Intelligent.
Background: Adopted rescue from Napa, CA in April 2010

Pixie is believed to be a chihuahua/terrier mix and was left on the doorstep of a doggie adoption agency, in a cardboard box, with her brother and was raised with a variety of other dogs to an age of 6 months before being adopted by my wife and I.

She was up-to-date on her shots (except for kennel cough), spayed (w/tattoo) and was potty trained with "wee wee pads" prior to our adopting her and has had fewer accidents in the house and emergency room scares than I have fingers on my left hand. All-in-all, a perfect angel.


Age: 11 months
Weight: ~ 4.5-5 lbs.
Color: Mostly gingerbread with dark (back) and light (belly) portions.
Head: Apple
Personality: A close second in the "sweetest dog/person you'll ever meet" category.
Background: Adopted rescue from Reno, NV in March 2013

There's not a lot we know about Nala's history. What we do know is pretty sad. She is believed to be a mix of chihuahua / pug / whippet and spent the first 8 months of her life living on the streets of Reno, NV before arriving at the (no-kill) SPCA.

She was adopted by a family two days prior to her joining our family, where she was returned the following day due to the 5-dog family "having allergies to her".

We brought Pixie to the SPCA to spend some time with Nala prior to her coming home with us and the two didn't necessarily bond or become "best buds" during this time, but they weren't at each other's throats, so we crossed our fingers and hoped they would develop a positive relationship in our home.

Prior to her adoption, Nala was up-to-date on her shots but had never had a bath, and showed visible dandruff under her short coat. Unfortunately she couldn't be bathed for another week after coming home with us due to her having been spayed just days before. After the bath, the dandruff went away and her coat is now the softest object I can remember touching.

She had never been potty trained, but with due diligence on the part of both my wife and myself, she is having fewer and fewer accidents in the house. She gets excited when we ask her if she has to go potty. We take her to her room (guest bathroom) and she goes on her potty pad.

She is overcoming a timid demeanor and does tend to relax her bladder when frightened, so we exercise a firm but understanding attitude when training or reprimanding, as to avoid unnecessary accidents in the house.

Oh, and Nala is a "jumper". She will jump in place when left in her room and can jump (vertically) as high as 4 or 5 times her height (standing still) when she's excited. After dealing with Pixie's two luxating patellas, we attempt to keep this to a minimum at all times.

We did end up moving (locally) within 30 days of brining Nala home, and I can happily state that there have been no territorial incidents at all between her and Pixie. In fact, after moving into our new place, they've become cuddle buddies!


Thanks for being here Chihuahua People and we're looking forward to learning and sharing all we can with this wonderful community!


-Brian & Kat
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