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Hello I am New and I would like to say Hello

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Hello i am new here and this is my puppy i will be getting at the end of july or the first week in August. I only have baby pics of him but when i get new ones i will post them to you. He likes to lay on his back and his brother always lays over him.If anyone knows any ideas of a name for him please let me know thanks
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Hi and welcome! :wave: Your baby boy is adorable! I love his spots. Can't wait to see more pics. There's a section here on names so check that out. I'm sure folks will help with suggestions. Good to have you with us. :)

I love how puppies just flop all over each other. :lol:
Thank you everyone i will surely put new pics of him when i get some.. He is getting big and he is starting to growl at everything..and the breeder told me he is the most outgoing out of the litter.
he is soooo super cute. Keep posting pics of him. When I got zola the other names I had in mind were cosmo(i know theres already one on here tho) elf (cuz he was so small and chino (I like the deftones and duh he's a chi)

Oh and of course, Welcome :wave:
Welcome! Your baby is super cute!!! Cant wait to see more pictures of him!! :)

What a sweet and lovely baby. I just absolutely love puppies!!!

Welcome to the forum. :wave:
I have think we have came up with a few names for him.Clyde, tico, Ben , riley..wgat do you think?
I just adore those tiny baby dipsticks!

I lobe your baby! He is a little diamond. I suggest Tobee, he looks just like a Tobs xD
Hi and Welcome. You chi is adorable. I love little babies.

1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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