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Hello me and Chico are new here

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hello me and chico are new here and we would like to say hi..i just got chico 2 weeks ago and he is the cutiest little thing. I love him so much here is a pic of him i hope you like it..
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Hi and welcome - he is such a cutie :lol:
OMG I love the black n whites, there have been a few lately this must stop!! :D
Hello there and welcome :) i also have a black and white chi named chico...i think this is the third "Chico"on this forum!Btw your baby is gorgous :wave:
Hello & welcome He is just adorable He has so many black and white spots he could be a super mini dalmation Too cute :wave:
What an adorable chi, I love the colorings...congrats and welcome!! :wave: :D
what a super-adorable cutie !! welcome :wave:

kisses nat
He is beautiful and I love the name Chico!! Welcome!

sandra Bruiser Teddy and Chloe
oh my he is adorable like a tiny dalmation awwwwwwww :wave:
wow he's a beautiful lil boy! I love his colouring! Welcome to the forum! Thumbs up from me! :compress: :thumbright: :compress:
8) he is just laying there being cool what a cute pic. :D
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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