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Hello! New here!

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Hi my name is Jackie and my puppy's name is Manny, he is the love of my life I never thought I would every want to own a Chihahua but Manny was a gift for my Birthday and now he totally owns me! :)

I have only one problem, he does not seem to want to go to anyone except me. Not even my husband who tries so hard to get Manny to like him and Manny just turns his head and or runs to me...

Any Ideas?
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Hey Jackie! Welcome! :)
Congrats on the new addition!
I think the important thing with Chis is to not baby them(too much,lol). A dog is a dog. Treat him like a big dog, do not reward him when he is afraid with cuddles and kisses, but do reward with a lot of praise when he is near hubby, even if it's by accident. Also, your husband has to make it worth while for Manny, so put hubby in charge of giving Manny his daily treats, Manny will quickly learn that being around his papa is good. It's normal for a pup to be a little skittish at first, stay patient and do your best to expose him to different people, places, sounds, etc. Up to 4 months is the BEST age in my opinion to train your pup, they suck it all up like a sponge. Maybe your hubby can get down on the floor and with help of delicious treats and praise try to teach Manny fetch. It'll take time but will be a great way for the two to bond.
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Hi, Jackie,

Congrats on your new pup! I suggest you let your husband feed Manny his meals. That way the pup will associate him with good things.

It's also good for Manny to visit with other Chis/small dogs and their owners.
Hi Jackie and welcome. I love the photo's of Manny he is so cute.
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