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Hello everyone!

i recently adopted a gorgeous 10 week old Chi cross who is just gorgeous and has already settled into our family like she was always here.

Her name is Coco and I have posted some photos in the album area (still trying to figure out how to post here)

our family has always had large dogs, we even did some showing and breeding of Ridgebacks in the early days. Our last Ridgie Beau passed away last year in November and I have only now felt ready to have another four legged baby in the house.

Coco was the perfect choice, sweet, funny and travel sized! she can come with us anywhere which is great as we love to go down to the beach and camping.

Im looking forward to getting to know more Chi mummies and sharing with you all the fun and crazy things Im sure Coco will get up to

Alex. :p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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