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Hi, im foxy, and of course new here. I am 20 yrs old and training to be a dog trainer and groomer, id like to eventually breed and show chis also, but thats not for a while yet.

Ive been looking for an active chi forum for quite some time now, its nice to have people to chat to.
i live in a small town in southwestern connecticut, and from what ive seen theres not many chiwhawies in the area which is ashame because i have a happy and social little lady.

her name is Vixie.

she is a longhaired fawn (looks red) and blue, the blue cant realy be seen very well unless you look closely, but if you do look she has blue flesh and blue sabling on her but and top of head and has a cream chest and toes. she is now almost 7 months (feb 10th) and weighs a nice 3lbs 10oz, and the typical apply short legs and round skull with big DARK ruby eyes that make you melt.
She is my little princess, and of course spoiled rotten. though not tooo rotten lol.

ive only had her for a month and yes she was a older pup when i got her, but she stole my heart. and i couldnt ask for more love or affection.
shes certainly a one person dog, though shell take attention from anyone willing to give, she knows who her mum is.

now the only problem i have is i want another a frined for her lol!
she loves my ferrets, but theres only so much playing theyll do in between the exploring, and tries to play with my parents cocker but hes to big and her energy goes bye bye long before his does, and she tries to play with the cat but the cat is afraid of ANYTHING smaller than him.
he wrestles with the cocker yet runs from the rat.
speaking of rat she seems to love her and lets the rat clean her ears.

ill post pictures as soon as i get them off my camera and onto my computer lol.
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