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Hello Chihuahua lovers!

I've just joined this forum as I have two chihuahuas and absolutely love them. They are really a special kind of dog..

My girl Coco is a 7 month old blonde long hair, almost a teacup size that the breeder did not do on purpose. The whole litter was tiny apparently! She has a few medical problems such as luxating patella and carpal valgas. Please see my thread in chihuahua health as I have had a slight problem with her surgery and any advice would be helpful.

I also have my 10 month old black smooth cost boy. Perfect health and he's a darling. Currently mole'd under my blanket and sleeping on my legs. If he's on me he's happy!

These two are my babies however I do treat them like dogs! No babying them here. They only wear clothes when it's cold and only get picked up when in shops or going up/down stairs. They both have such lovely natures, love getting stroked by strangers which I love as chihuahuas do tend to have a bad rep for being a bit snappy.. So glad mine aren't.

I'll load up some photos a bit later of my two..

I'm glad I'm a chihuahua person!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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