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Hello to the forum! I'm new!

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Hi everyone! My name is Denise and I am from Oakdale, Long Island, New York, USA. I just found and joined this forum today! I have a 3 year old male long hair chihuahua named Bunker Beanu. He has a 12 year old sister cat named Midget. They get along just as any other brother and sister would. It's a love/hate relationship! My boyfriend has a 6 year old female red doberman, Athena. Bunker and Athena are best friends and love to play wrestle. Well, I hope to learn and add to this forum as much as I can. And, make new friends... for me and Bunker!
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welcome!! :wave: bunker is a cutie! you will love it here and make lots of great friends! :) i'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of your little guy!
hi and welcome - he is adorable :wave:
HI, nice to meet you both. He is adorable!
I love Bunker's little tan eyebrows! So adorable!
Wecome I am so glad you found us!! He is sure cute! :)
Hello & welcome to the forum. Bunker is very very cute :D
Welcome! :wave:
:wave: Welcome to you both! Bunker is so cute!
Hello and welcome! :wave: Bunker looks like a sweety-pie! How did you come up with his name? It's very different :) .
Hi and Welcome :hello2:

Gosh he sure is cute!

What an interesting coat he has.
Oh my stars your baby is beautiful! Welcome so glad you made it here! :wave:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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