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Hello everyone!! I just came across this site looking for names for my new chihuahua, and thought I'd go ahead and being a new to teh chiahuahia world :) Anyway, Just thought I'd say Hey!
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Hi and Welcome! :wave: Maybe u could tell us more about your chi and ppost some pics and we can help u pick a name!
Well, I just got her two days ago!! :lol: Shes all white with two little blonde patches, one on her back and on the base of her tail. Shes 7 months old and is an absolute doll baby!!...and she only weights 2lbs!! She loooooves to snuggle and give kisses...esp. to my S.C Wheaten Terrier, Lulu!!

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Awww! She's adorable! I can't think of any names but I'm sure someone will. :)
Hello and Welcome :hello2:

Wow! What a little doll baby! She's adorable!
Welcome, she is about Dolly? or Penny? :wave:
I just have 2 things to say. First of all, welcome! :wave: And second Awwww to that first pic!
Welcome ! Your little one is just adorable !
Welcome! She is so cute. She looks just like one of my friends Chi's, her name is Emily.

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