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I thought if I don't say Hi now, I probably will never do it. lol

I joined this forum for 2 years now. Have read so many threads and learnt a lot but never really post anything. I have my first Chi when I was only 12, donkey years ago now. And since then I have other type of dogs and 2 years ago, I decided to have another Chi who just turned 3. I have 2 other dogs but they are bigger dogs and always play together, so it leaves Tobias on his own all the time, although he was the top dog in the house. I decided to have another Chi last year, so Tobias could have a play mate / friend of his own. Krystal came along in beginning of October. Now Krystal is the top dog in the house and she in charge of everything and anything.

So here are the 2 Chis I have got. Hope to chat to you all soon.

Krystal (picture taken just before Christmas, by my son)

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