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Hello! I am the momma to 3 pretty pups. Two chi's and one min pin. Louie and Bristol are my little chi's and they are my babies! Louie is a very strong willed 4 pound 3 year old blue chi who is my love. Bristol is a black 3 month old crazy puppy!

Bristol is disabled. She was born without 2 front legs. We actually found her on accident. I had never seen another chihuahua that looked like my lou so when a friend posted a breeder selling ones that looked just like him on my husbands Facebook wall we called just out of curiousity. By the end of the conversation she told my sister she had a little girl who was the runt and born without legs. She said she was perfectly healthy but she said they could not afford to keep her. She didn't get her any shots and was feeding her half and half and 4 pieces of hard food a day!!! Right away my husband decided we were going to rescue this puppy! We went to see her and fell in love!

Bristol is now the craziest little puppy ever! She uses her back legs and "nubs" to get around and when she's really energetic hops like a rabbit! She stands up to eat out of her bowl and really enjoys pushing her way bigger brothers out of the way to steal their food! She's an amazing little dog and completes our lives :)
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Hi and welcome! I'm sure you will find this site to be full of great info and support.

How wonderful that you were able to rescue a little Chi in such dire need. I'm sure not many people would have been up for the challenge so Bristol is so lucky you found her.
Hello! We are new as well! Would love to see picturs of your babies!
Thank you for rescuing this little girl! As she gets older and maybe develops trouble getting around, they do make doggy wheelchairs to support dogs with hurt or missing front legs, too. That way she could go on walks with you and be able to walk on her own. Just a thought.
Welcome, to our family of Chi Lovers.
Welcome :)
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