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help 2 Month old chihuahua help

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I have a 2 month old chihuahua and i saw that he was weak yesterday. He couldn't stand up at all and couldn't lift his head. I ran to a pet shop which had a vet present and she told me that the dog had "sugar shock". She gave me a bottle of nutri cal and started feeding him it through a syringe. I saw his eyes opened up a little and he began to regain strength but then in the night I was scared because all he was doing was sleeping. I went to the vet and left him there over night and they told me that he was fine and they gave me some antibiotics and told me to feed him nutri cal only when he isn't eating. Today the same thing happened he stood up and drop to the floor of his cage and i rushed and fed him nutri cal. He seems fine now but my question to you is how many hours a day and should I give him the nutri cal? I really love my dog and don't want nothing bad to happen to him.
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I would give him the nutri-cal in the morning when he wakes up, in the afternoon, before you leave to go anywhere and at night before bed. If he is having that many attacks I would keep a very close eye on him. Make sure he has food and water at all times until he is out of this stage also do not let him get overly excited or play to hard as this can also cause him to have Hypoglycemia attacks. How much does he weigh?
How much does your puppy weigh?

One of mine when I got him had sugar issues until he was about 5 months old, and until 4 months old I had to get up and feed him every 3 hours around the clock or he would crash again. He was pretty small though - 1 pound at 12 weeks of age. Once I got him to around 2 pounds, we stopped having the sugar issues but it took quite some time.

Your puppy needs to be eating 4 times a day and have food available at night for your puppy. I recommend buying a small pen to keep the puppy in at night with water, food, a bed (or open crate), and potty pads. This is also a good safe place to leave your puppy when you have to go out and can't bring the puppy.

If you will be gone more than 3 hours, MAKE SURE your puppy eats before you leave, and leave food down for the puppy while you are gone.
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Is he eating well? Are you feeding him multiple times a day?
Yes im feeding him multiple times a day and he is about less than a pound. Another question should i mix alittle bit of the nutri-cal with his food?
my puppy had severe hypoglicemia before i got him and i now put a couple of drops of liquid sugar cane in his water to balance it out.
he also ALWAYS has a bowl of baby kibble at all times.
my vet said to make sure he does not get sugar highs as when the sugar drops it is quite dangerous when they are so it is important to find the right balance
it is also suggested not to excite the puppy more than needed.
my puppy is now almost 4 months and he is full of energy, he eats really well and seems very stable with regard to his sugar levels.. will see how it goes
all the best to yours!
Thanks everyone you've really helped.
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