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I have 3 Chihuahua's .
15 yr old MILO Never a problem
13 month old Kermit. 10lbs Super hyper active.
1 yr old Miss Piggy. 3.5 lbs. aggressive towards Kermit.

I have read 3-6 books on how to help reduce the aggression that MP has towards Kermit. I have gone to a trainer. She told me to feed MP treats and slowly introduce Kermit into the picture. All this did was get her focused on the treats but her aggression towards him is the same because now she is worried about him getting the treats. (I always feed equal portions)
But the method that she told me to try isn't working.
When she was about 6-7 months old they were playing in the living room while I was cooking in the kitchen and some how MP back leg ended up broken.
She has fully recovered. And they play very well together.
He is gentle when they play.

90% of the time it is when she is taking a nap on the bed (with or without us) But when she doesn't want to be near him. Or even hear him she is SUPER aggressive.
She will start a fight. We don't want to let them work it out because I'm worried she will end up with another broken bone or worse.

Any suggestions????
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