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HELP!!! Biting and Nipping

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Help, one of the neighborhood kids came over for the first time to play video games with my son. I asked the kids not to pet the dog. Che Che was sitting in my lap half way a sleep. The neighbor girl bent over to pet Che Che and he snipped her eye. She has a small gash on her eye. I took her home to her family and tried to explain the situation. They have limited English (Vietnamese). Now, I am freaked out. What would you do in this situation? And how do I detour this from happening again? (Nipping?)

Thanks for your support
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Keep the children AWAY from your chi. You must realise this is your chis domain and your guests are entering it. There can be many excuses for it. but the facts are your chi showed agression. I would not allow any children near it. JMHO

PS afterthought: I would also offer to pay any medical bills that are attached with this incident
I agree - keep children away, and I would seriously consider working with a good trainer or behaviorist to try to nip this in the bud.
I don't think CheChe did any thing wrong we often forget because they are little that they are still dogs and think like dogs. I have kids and when there friends come over i keep an eye on them and i don't let them touch or play with them. Honestly he was doing his job she pet him while he was on your lap he probably was protecting you !!!!!!!!!!!! i hope the little girl is okay.
I agree- maybe you can offer to pay the medical bills. I also agree with Jennifer- all dogs are protecting their space and can get aggressive especially when they are disturbed when sleeping. Most grownups do understand it, but children do no, so it is best to keep them apart or watch closely :wave:

Richie's mom
i would just tell people coming in the house to not touch the dog, but you know how little kids are with animals they might do it anyway best thing to do would only let Che Che in part of the house.. that way, they can not get to her and she can not get to them.. or if someone else is home like a spouse or older sibling take che che for a walk around the block, or to her favorite little store.. hope i could help
Zeus is wonderful with my children, but he was raised with them. As far as other children and people, if anyone comes over here and Zeus is not used to them, he goes in our bedroom just to avoid any potential situations. It sounds like Che Che was just protecting you. Has she been to any puppy or adult dog classes? Zeus just started dog training classes and fortunately the class in only 4 dogs. The trainer has a syllabus that we go buy, but she also will address individual issues. You might want to consider this. I paid $99 for 8 classes (once a week).

Let us know how things go.
Thanks for your support

Thanks guys for your support. I plan to visit the family today and offer to pay medical bills if any. I found out Pet shop down the street has training, so I will enroll che che asap. Yep, learned my lesson. Che Che will have to stay in Mommy's room when guest are over. :cry: I've learned my lesson and hopefully nothing seriously pans out of this.
It's also important to teach kids that they always need to ask someone for permission to pet their dog. If there is a next time, be sure to let the kids know they need to ask first then hold the dog where he can't bite them while they pet. It might help your dog learn nothing bad is going to happen - while keeping the kids safe.
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