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Help!!! Chiwiwi problems

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Please help! My Girlfriend got a girl chiwiwi 2 years ago, and she's been a spoiled little princess from the getgo always the center of attention. About 2 months ago we moved in together, 1 week ago we went and picked up a 12 week old puppy named tobi. Since this time Prada refuses to go on her PPads, opting to go anywhere else instead. We find #1 and #2 spots all over the house, and tobi is following suit going anywhere he wants as well.

Whats more is, that Prada is not taking kindly to the new addition to the family. She stay on the coach and snaps and bites at the puppy barking and crying at him all the time. Tobi isn't scared by her and is constantly stealing toys from Prada and chasing her around. He even barks and snaps back at her. Is this normal? Are they ever going to get a long, or is it dangerous to keep them out together? All I want is for them to be friends and want them to be curled up together in one big ball of chiwi fluff.
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There are many threads on the site about potty training - you may want to do a search (up at the top) and see what you find.

The older dog is most likely trying to show dominance with the pup. By urinating everywhere, she's marking her territory to show the pup she's the boss. When they're snapping and biting, the puppy is most likely just trying to play with her but she's probably trying to remain "top dog" in the house. I don't think they'll hurt each other; some "play" between dogs trying to gain dominance looks pretty fierce but it's just the way that game is played.

What you CAN do is find a moment where the older dog is getting along with the pup and pop her a small treat. Ignore any "bad" behavior and she'll learn that she doesn't get attention for misbehaving but she gets treats for being nice.

You might also consider confining the puppy in a crate or in the bathroom a few times a day and letting the older dog have free run. That may send the message that she's still #1 while letting her have the opportunity to check out the pup without the risk of being nipped.
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I Have two chi boys i just recently got the second. They are going to fight when i fed my pups food or treats i do it with them on opposite side of the baby gate one has to be dominate it will take time for them to get use to each other its okay to let them play together but keep in mine one has adult teeth and the other has baby teeth the older one will act out just like when we have kids we bring a new baby in the house the older kids act out in couple of weeks it will all be fine. :wave:
I have a 3 year old girl and my male will be 4 in oct he was here first and she snaps and growls and tries to attack him all the time she just thinks since we got her he needs to go now :shock: He takes it pretty well and we have no plans of getting rid of him :lol: but we won't tell her that.It's just sibling rivalry heck my kids fight worse than my dogs do :roll:
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