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I recently read about this in our local ASPCA newsletter. Please check out this website and help feed the homeless dogs and cats, especially in this economy that has an increase in homeless pets:

" is a website designed to gather food for homeless dogs living in animal shelters.

The site is the brainchild of 12-year-old Mimi Ausland, of Bend, Oregon. Ausland came up with the idea for the website as a way to help the homeless animals at her local animal shelter, and the site is now benefiting animals in shelters from Oregon all the way to Florida.

The website works like this: Visitors to this pet-friendly website answer a dog-related trivia question. Regardless of whether the visitor gets the pet trivia question right or wrong, the website donates 10 pieces of dog kibble to an animal shelter to help feed hungry homeless dogs. makes one donation for each website visitor who plays the pet trivia game, called Bow Wow Trivia.'s primary mission is this: "To provide good, healthy food to dogs and cats to those shelters who are working so hard to see that none of them go hungry - they need our help. In addition to providing free kibble to the Humane Society of Central Oregon, we've added 10 new shelters to the program (from Oregon to Florida!) and plan to expand the program to many more!...every piece of kibble counts!"
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