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Help for coat

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I noticed that Sophie started to have small 1/8" to 14" dark spots on her hind quarters and around her neck. Upon closer inspection it looks like they were balding spots like her puppy coat is thinning.
So I stared sqeezing a soft Gel of Cod Liver Oil on her food every day to get her more Omega Fatty acids. Now her coat is turning a darker reddish tan and really getting shiny.
My question is how much should I give her? Dosage for adult human is 1-3 capsules/day.
Anyone using this or did you end up buying a true dog suppliment?

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i use linatone and have for years of you can buy the similar home brand from whoever you order, they are usually next to eachother and it really makes a difference
I do the same thing with Cooper... I put one gel cap in his dinner every night, per the vet's recommendation.
I use Derm Caps as recommeded by my vet.
Here's a link to see it
They had different things at the pet store I went to but what I got is called Lipiderm and it has Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids and Vitamins A and E. For puppies 1-15 lbs you use 1/2 tsp daily on their food.

It has really helped him. It is so cute because is tummy is so soft like a baby's butt! He is short haired but his fur even feels less coarse and he is shiny!
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