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HELP! Foster my kids for a few months? NYC

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I haven't been around here in a while (sorry!) and am coming on here to ask for any help or support you guys can give. Basically long story short my boyfriend and I have to move in with a family member who doesn't want to allow all our pets. We'll be able to place our cat with a friend for a few months but as of right now I haven't found anyone to take my Cheese! I'm almost at the point where I'll just HAVE to figure out a different solution and I DO NOT want to give them up. I love my little brats dearly. I'd pay for their care and supplies while they were in a foster situation. I'm ideally looking for someone close by and I'd occasionally be able to see them (in NYC) but am in Boston right now so someone in this area could work too. Anyway I'm a bit of a mess right now, sorry if this doesn't make sense.
My pups are Phoebe and Schroeder, both 3, Phoebe is about 3.5-4 lbs. Diva kinda girl who is shy with strangers but loves attention and cuddles, doesn't love outdoors too much on leash but in warm weather likes yards. Otherwise pee pad trained and very feisty. Schroeder is about 5.5-6 lbs and just a goofy friendly boy. He loves to play and go for walks and the two of them I will NOT separate. Both fixed, however not UTD on vaccines because they both have reactions to them. Anyway if anyone has any ideas or is close by and would like to add two more temporarily or is currently dog-less and just wants to see if they want the responsibility again or whatever. IF the PERFECT HOME came up that wanted to adopt and was close by, would give me visits with them once in a while, and would sign a paper stating they'd come back to me if could no longer be kept I might consider adopting them out, but I'd be SUPER picky. Only what is in their best interests.
Thanks guys. I feel crappy right now :'(
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I haven't been here for such a long time, but was faced with a similar situation just a few months ago. I know how heartbreaking it is. May you find a solution that will ease your mind and heart, allow you visits, and then a permanent reunion...

(My babies are still with me, thanks to a very dear and wonderful friend!)
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