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Help from one of the experts about neuturing

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Ok I am a bad mommy. Because I so dreaded getting Auggie nuetuered I may have put it off too long. He is scheduled for Nov 8th. My question is that he was always a squater when he peed until about 3 weeks ago when he began to hike his leg to pee. I was surprised since he is almost 11 months old. Now he goes around marking like crazy when he pees. Does anyone know if they stop that when they get neutered. He has been so good with being housebroken he would almost burst before he went inside but the marking thing is causing him to lift his leg on things inside even when he doesn't pee. Help :roll:
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Kemo was 11 mos when I had him done as the tarts that had him before me did not! He was marking my house and he did STOP when he got neutered. He does the squat, the low leg hike, the high and mighty hike and everything in between now but OUTSIDE. I would not worry too much. :wave:

You took your chances there Auggies mom waiting! (just joking)
I don't think anyone can say for sure...

Neutering surpresses the natural instinct to mark. Once the instinct is solidified, it's extremely hard to break. Since he has only done it for a short amount of time he may lose the urge to mark after the surgery.

My guess is he will probably still lift his leg to pee but he will empty his bladder all at one time rather than going around marking.
I am hoping since he has not been doing it too long maybe he will stop. He is so good about being housebroken. As they say hindsight is 20/20 but I wish I had taken him about 1 month ago
My mom's papillon was neutured at 5 months and he was always a leg lifter.
Even after he was neutured he did NOT stop marking everywhere!!! We had to buy him a belly band just so he wouldnt mark in the house. We had a couple trainers try to work with us and all of them said that we would just have to use a belly band.
So even neuturing him at an early age didnt stop the marking.
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