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Help! male chihuahua

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I just got a new long hair chihuahua and it is a male, everytime i go to pick him up, my hand touches he weewee (which i HATE!) and my hands gets wet with pee, also his hair on his legs and belly always has dry pee even if i trimmed it. Is it just me or is it part of having a male long hair? its my first time having a male dog ever.

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lol.. try picking him up more under his chest rather than the belly. Touching a wet weedly is part of having a boy. All mine are shorthaired so I dont know about the grooming end.. Buty I pick up the boys under their chest. Also, be aware of this when you hold them if you are in a nice blouse.. sigh..
Hi, I have a male and experience this issue. In the evening when we go outside I use a fleece blanket when I pick him up so that the wetness goes there instead of on me. I try to get him to walk in by himself during the day so he air drys. I also try to scoop him by the chest and butt, so my hand avoids his damp privates if he has just gone.

Your dog is beautiful !
Your boy is beautiful! I' d use a paper towel to dry him off after he goes. My boy has short hair so I don' t have that problem but the disadvantage of the short hair is that every thing is so visible. I haven't had a male dog in over a decade and then it was a dog with long hair.
I love your dog.. He looks very similar to my chi, Lion. You can trim the hair on his belly so it doesn't get so wet.
If he's housebroken (or, you at least know/are aware when he tinkles) you can just wipe him with a cloth afterwards.

You can also do a sanitary trim, where you would trim the hair on his underside; but be very careful NOT to trim the hair that is on the tip of his wee-wee. (Female dogs have hair near their pee-pee spot as well, and for a reason.) The longer hair that grows at the tip is actually to guide the stream of urine away from the body. So, if you've trimmed it in the past, that might be part of the issue if it's too short.
I think the previous owner cutted the hair on the tip, cuz i remember looking at it and the hair was very very short.
I think the little bit of weeing as you pick them up may be a submission thing. Spacely does it if he rolls over on his back and I try to pick him up. He doesn't do it when he is not on his back.

I just try to make it where he doesn't roll over when I try to pick him up (usually it is to take him outside and he doesn't want to go out)
I haven't noticed this being a problem at all on Brody. Maybe let him 'shake it off' and walk around a bit after he goes before you pick him up. Brody is a smooth though. Maybe the long coats are different.
Gunner is a smooth and we still have that prob. He gets my hand wet all the time. And, since we are still housebreaking, I often "check" the weewee by touching it to see it's wet. Then I know if he's peed when I wasn't looking. Then I wash my hands! LOL
I think it just goes with territory of having a male.
I dnt think its a submissive thing, its just when he's done peeing, and it's still wet. And does the hair on the tip ever grows back? I think thats y he gets pee on his hair even if i trimmed most of his belly hair. Thanks guys!
Yes. The hair will grow back.
Your dog is so cute. He looks like a LH version of my daughter's chi Venus. I would use a little blanket or something to pick him up.

I have never had a male dog except a Doberman many years ago.
Thanks for all the tips and advice guys!
I have no advice. I just wanted to say your chi is adorable. :)
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