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Don't feel bad about crating him. Dogs are naturally den animals and will eventually go to that place as their own safe haven. Plus they will not mess their crates, so it will prevent accidents - as you can take him out directly after you wake up.. after you feed him breakfast (before you put him in his crate) - and when you get home.

Dogs will have "accidents" for up to two years. You might also want to consider making a BIG DEAL out of it when he goes outside. That way he knows that when he goes outside he gets good treats and love.. but when he goes inside, you ignore him and he doesn't get any attention.

As for smellnig like dog pee.. I recommend using an enzyme cleaner like NATURES MIRACLE or PET ENZYME (both available at PetSmart). Then after cleaning up the spots, sprinkle a pet safe carpet cleaner on your carpet efore vacuuming - and then an after carpet spray after the vacuum. That usually takes care of smells for me!

Hope that helps.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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