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Help my chi loves to gulp

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My little chi loves to gulp her food without munching her puppy food.Any suggestions.I have been hand feeding her to slow her down but my consern is she the only one doing this and is it normal.My older chi has never done this so maybe some of you chi lovers dogs has please help.
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Cooper inhales his food. It takes him literally 10 seconds to get it all down when I feed him. The only side effect I've seen is the horrible burp he lets out after he's done.

I've never seen a dog that eats slowly. Most do gobble down their food the moment they get it. Now that I've said that, someone will come along and prove me wrong! :lol:
:D I am glad Pearl is not the only one.She will even eat her sisters since she munches hers a few i separate know what your dog and mine could compete the fast chi eating contest.heeeheee.

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Corky does this too with wet food and his water. When he is really excited and playing and taking a dry food break, he gulps down his dry food too. When he is calmer, he takes more time. I asked my vet about it and she said it is their instinct so eat quickly to proctect their food! Don't worry, your pup isn't the only one.
mine eat slowly and even wont eat immediately when i put it down.....they don't like a lot of doggie biscuits ....sometimes i think they are not normal.

they love meat slices ,vitacraft sausages for dogs (like bifi) and vitacraft cocktail weeners for dogs ..... that's about it !!

they hate every sweet there is for dogs :?

kisses nat
Bruiser can gobble up is food in record time!! Sometimes he does choke on it, then he starts the "hacking" noise. You would think he has never had a meal in his life! :wink: He is a "eating machine"!
I am sure glad Pearl is not the only one.All Chi Lovers imagen if I were to leave her food bowl down all day she would be bigger than my older chi Princess.Another question does my Pearl look thin to you all.Some girl told me that i seemed not to be feed her well i told her that she looks okay to me and she is a pretty good eater.Besides that she beleives that T...... Chihuahuas really exsist since hers are tiny dogs.I told her to read the AKC Standards but she felt that i offended her by showing her a calander that said T...... Chihuahuas which i disliked and she said all these are T....... Chihuahuas.And she says she loves chihuahuas and does not even know a thing about them correcting others and not herself.
Yep Auggie gulps down his food like he has never eaten before and we will never feed him again :roll: :lol:
LOL i just talked with the doc about this.
I was concerned because Ginger vomited one morning and it was her food from the night before..only it came up in whole peices because she swallowed them whole :shock:

The vet told me that most dogs really dont chew their food...even though it sounds like they are...most will just swallow it whole.

All three of my girls inhale their food like they have never eaten I like it that way because I can feed them once in the morning and once at night and not have to worry about them picking at it all day....I can schedule feed them instead of free feeding
OMG i thought austin was the only one LMAO my yorkie eats so dainty LOL
My first chi, Poco, would take food from you so fast, you'd get your hand back with just a bloody stump at the end of your arm. You had to be quick with him. Cooper isn't quite as quick as Poco was but he's working up to it.
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